New Book Release | Summer 2022

I Wish I'd Known

10 ways to break ancestral patterns, free yourself from the past, and manifest your dreams!

What if you could truly believe in yourself?

What if you could release limitations that never belonged to you?

What if you could feel happy, peaceful, and free from fear, all the time?

You can—and Amazon best-selling author Sarah Vie will show you the way in this book. No matter what your story and what type of trauma you have experienced, you can have a future filled with love, inner peace, and infinite abundance.

About The Book

If you were free from limiting beliefs, who would you be? In I Wish I’d Known, Sarah Vie shares her personal healing journey and shares with you exactly what she did to clear ancestral pain that stopped her from living in the highest version of herself and manifesting her most abundant life. Free from fear. Free from limitations.

What You'll Learn...
  • Why most people feel out of alignment and stuck in old patterns that make them unhappy and unfulfilled—and what to do about it.


  • Ten transformational tools to use to sever the old cords, so that you too can live in the richness of life. —from techniques to re-parent yourself in a loving and spiritual way.


  • A mindset shift that can do more in minutes than decades of personal work.
    How to shift your relationship with limitations—and come away feeling more powerful than ever before.

Meet The Author, Sarah Vie

Sarah Vie is a nationally and internationally known energy healer, meditation guide, and Emotional Healing Coach, based in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. She is also the best-selling author of the beloved children’s book, Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine.

Sarah has helped countless women and men to “Clear” ancestral pain and trauma so that true potential is revealed. She does this through reiki energy healing, breathwork, meditation, NLP, and more.

As the founder of Sarah Vie, LLC, she has been featured as a monthly columnist with Thrive Global publications, she has written articles for Authority magazine, Modern Mom, and Woman Around Town. She has been seen on ABC, NBC, and FOX news affiliates.

Cultivating Abundance For Readers One Page At A Time

Cleanse Your Energy

Nourish Yourself

Fill Your Cup

Manifest Your Desires

“This book will change your life," Sarah writes. "It will uncover why we feel blocked, fearful, guilty, angry, and alone. In each chapter, you will begin to feel free from the energy that has kept you stuck and it will liberate you from the old belief system... On the other side of healing is everything that you were born to be. This is your magnificence!"

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